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When we launched xs:code exactly a year ago, our goal was to help open source developers get the resources they need to continue developing their projects by monetizing their code. Since then, more than 2,000 developers have joined our community, and generated much needed revenue for their projects by offering paid support, licensing and premium versions of their open source projects.

Open Source Needs Support

In the months since our launch, my team and I have spent countless hours analyzing data and talking to open source developers, R&D managers and team leads. We tried to understand where the biggest pain point was for developers…

The COVID-19 crisis has hit the global economy hard, and the software industry was not spared. The long-term effects on the industry are still unclear, but it seems it has become widely acknowledged that the negative impact is going to be massive, and recovery will be slow.

But the world is not going to stop spinning. Ideas will keep flowing, code will be written, new products will launch and existing ones will get new releases. The industry is going to survive, and will eventually get back to its old self (or a slightly different one). If I had to guess…

I’ve spent the past 12 months working intensely with open source developers. In previous ventures I worked on, my teams and I used open-source libraries, but this was the first time I actually crossed the lines from just another faceless person git cloning some code, to actually meeting the people behind the repository. It’s been (and still is) an enlightening journey.

Strictly speaking, I’m not a developer myself. I can write code, but trust me — you wouldn’t want to read it, let alone run it. I Feel more comfortable on the product side. As a product manager and entrepreneur…

Chen Ravid is a free software enthusiast and serial entrepreneur. He is one of the founding members and chief product officer at xs:code, a subscription based open source billing platform.

Making open source sustainable

The open source community has done something never before done in history. A massive-scale knowledge base of useful tools, freely available for anyone to use, duplicate, learn from and distribute. Its hard to find anything similar in course of human history, where a group of individuals willingly performed work on such scale without any form of compensation.

Developers invest time, passion and talent in creating incredible software, used freely by…

Chen Ravid

Co-Founder at xs:code. Free software fan. Dog Person.

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